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5 Things Every Guy Should Do Before He Gets Married

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A lot of things you see all revolve around the bride, well today this blog post is all about the groom! Specifically what every guy should do before he gets married. These are some great treats that all boys should try if they have never done it before as they are a lot of fun and great experiences


Have a shave

Sure we all have a shave most mornings but you have not lived until you have had a close shave with a hot towel and a cut throat razor. It’s not just cut, it’s an experience! The whole thing goes for about 30 minutes and it is wonderful. The best place I have ever been for one is Guys Grooming in the Perth CBD. Their whole experience is fantastic but you should do this at least once.


Have a massage

Guys Grooming also offer massages, from scalp, to neck, to full body. Relaxing music, soothing oils and experienced hands it’s the perfect way to get all of that stress out of you. Of course if you know of any other places that give great massages feel free to head there but always ensure they know what they are doing and you don’t accidentally walk into a place which offer…ahem…happy endings.


Have an rib fest

Most men love their meat, so you should treat yourself to as much as you can handle! Tony Roma’s in Perth know their ribs and their food is amazing! While a full rack should be enough to satisfy most mean eaters, they also do steaks, chicken, and even seafood but as a treat you should totally go wild on the ribs!


Go to the Casino and play cards

Get in a fancy suit, take $100 and head to the casino to play some cards. Nothing makes you feel like James Bond than this! The casino is a lot of fun and playing Black Jack or Poker is an experience. There are only two things you need to remember:

1 if you have an addictive personality, make sure you go with someone who can tell you when to stop. Gambling is addictive so be careful

2 Go with $100 and stop when you are out or when you hit a limit you set for yourself. Never play after you have lost it all ‘just to get it back’. Go to the casino with the expectation you will lose this $100. It makes it more fun and if you end up leaving with house money, even better


Have a Bro day

No women, just a few beers, a nice lunch, and golf (or paintball, or whatever you enjoy). This is different from the bucks night as there is no expectation to get drunk or pull pranks, it’s just a get together to enjoy your company and only invite those you want. A bucks night you tend to invite everyone but here it is just your best mates.


Can you think of anything else that guys should do to treat themselves? Let us know in the comments below.


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What Every Bride Should Have On Hand

KM Blog Header- Bridal kit

What every Bride should have on hand


When getting married, there are a lot of things you might need at any one time. You can get Emergency Kits made which has everything including the kitchen sink just in case but today we wanted to talk about what a bride should have in her purse on her wedding day. We have condensed it down to the bare minimums and should fit nicely in most accessory bags.



Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do you will be glad it’s there! With all the running around, the heat, the excitement, and of course the stress a headache may happen so always ensure you have something on hand and have enough to get you through the day (a sheet is usually enough). We recommend the capsule ones as they are usually easier to swallow rather than the tablets.


Thread and needle in dress colour

You would be surprised how easy one of those little buttons on your dress can fall off, and if you have a really bad catch and the dress actually rips it is good to have a quick repair kit in your bag. Little tears along the hem are expected but if something opens which might reveal more that you want in the photos, best to have a bridesmaid do a quick a sow.



You are going to cry or you might just want to wipe your hands, either way be sure to have a nice compact packet of tissues. Be sure as well to get the softest one you can, they may be a dollar or two more expensive but it’s your wedding day and you’re worth it!


Contacts of people and suppliers

A sheet of paper with your supplier’s names, contacts numbers and alternative contact numbers can save you the trouble of trying to find an email with their name on it. It’s also good to have a list with important people involved with the wedding such as parents of the bride, parents of the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen and maybe a few friends who will be at the reception just in case you need to get a hold of someone.


Hair clips/pins

A few white hair clips and a few bobby pins can be a godsend, especially when dealing with a tricky vale or a piece of loose cloth. While sowing items can be for extreme cases, sometimes a quick pin does the job just as well. Keep them in a tictac box to ensure nothing gets lost and nobody gets stabbed when rummaging in the bag


Eyeliner, lipstick & roll on deodorant

You might want to do a little touch up before or after the ceremony so have your colours on hand ready to go



Ok technically you might not be able to fit this in your bag but you really should ensure you have plenty of water on the day. I have had some brides collapse due to dehydration before so next to your bag have some cold water with you.


Is there anything else you think a bride should have in her bag? Let us know in the comments below


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How To Pull Off An Amazing Proposal and Propose in Style

KM Blog Header- Proposal

How To Pull Off An Amazing Proposal and Propose in Style

Proposing to your significant other is both nerve-racking and exciting. We have all seen grand over the top displays, cute romantic asks, and of course, soul crushing rejections. Planning a proposal is extremely important as you usually only get one chance at it and it will be the story everyone will want to hear. Komodo Music has put forward some great suggestions from the classic to the extreme as well as some advice of when NOT to do it!



A romantic date

Organising a home cooked meal with your partner’s favourite dishes or going to your favorite restaurant is always a classy move. Maybe just having a date night or playing board games with each other, when it’s something small an intimate it is a wonderful way to pop the question.

YouTube Preview Image


Life changing experience

If you find yourself in Paris, or at the Pyramids of Egypt, or on the plains of Africa, chances are you won’t be heading back anytime soon so if there is a place where it is really once in a lifetime opportunity to go consider popping the question.

YouTube Preview Image


Special Holidays

Wrapping up the ring as a Christmas present can be a wonderful way to share the experience. Proposing when the fireworks go off on New Year’s Eve is a fantastic way to start the year, or even having the ring in an egg shaped container for Easter is a welcome addition to any chocolate you get. Holidays can be a great time to propose.

YouTube Preview Image



The day you both met, or the day you moved in, your partner’s birthday or the day you first bought a coffee machine together. If you have some special dates that have grown out of your relationship these are great times to propose.

YouTube Preview Image


Big Video Proposals

These require a lot of effort but can be super effective. If you can sit your significant other down and play a video with animation, or a movie trailer it can be super sweet. One fiancée put together a movie trailer and then got the unwitting bride to watch it in a movie. Very cute!

YouTube Preview Image


Flash Mob

I have some personal experience with this as this is how I proposed to my wife. Yes that’s right, I organised a flash mob choir to sing our favorite song in a restaurant and recorded the whole thing. You might have also seen that cute one with the groom to be playing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image



Now you might have some ideas, here are some important things NOT TO DO when you propose:

Do not propose at someone else’s event unless you have cleared it with them first.

Remember that Australian show Wonderland where a guy’s girlfriend proposes in front of everyone at the guy’s friend’s wedding? Don’t do that! If it is someone else’s special day, or their birthday, or any kind of event where you are there for someone else, don’t do it unless you have asked previously if it’s ok (and we don’t mean when you get there, we mean weeks or days in advance)


Ensure the ring is secure

Nothing is worse that getting on a boat to propose and a strong wind knocks it into the ocean…it’s happened! So wherever you decide to pop the question, ensure you have a first grasp on the ring before hand.


Ensure you get the right size ring

If you can sneakily borrow one of your partner’s rings when you go to the jewellers that will ensure it should fit. Alternatively, compare your size finger to their size finger and give your best estimate. Nothing is worse than going through all the effort of a great proposal only to have the ring be too small. Discuss with the jeweller what happens if it is the wrong size


Know if your partner likes PDA

If your partner is really shy, they may not like a big giant public proposal with a hundred people watching. Remember this is to make it special for them so make sure they won’t be embarrassed however you decide to propose.


Make sure they will say yes if doing it public

Have you ever seen a “no” proposal? It is the most soul crushing and embarrassing thing you will ever see. As such if there is even a 5% chance that your partner may say no due to conflict, change in emotion towards you, or any miscellaneous reason so not propose in public.


With these ideas and the helpful advice of what to avoid, hopefully this will lead to marital bliss and you will be needing our services soon:-)


What is the most romantic proposal you have seen? How did your partner propose to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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Pets at Your Wedding Ceremonies

KM Blog Header- Pets2

Pets at Your Wedding Ceremonies


Let’s face it, for some of us our pets are our fur babies. We love them so much as much (or on some days) more than our own children. So it is natural to want them to be part of your special day. Having your pet at your ceremony is not as difficult as you would think and can be a great addition to photos and the procedure, however there are some important questions you need to ask first:


Is the venue pet friendly?

If they say no animals are allowed at the ceremony then you either need to scrap the idea or start looking for a new ceremony location.


Is your pet friendly towards ALL people?

If the answer is not a resounding YES, then you may need to reconsider this. If they like most people but don’t like kids that may be a problem. If they don’t like males, that may be a problem. If they don’t like anyone near mum and dad that may be a problem too.


Is your pet well trained?

Will your pet pull the lead out of whoever is holding them as soon as they see you? Do they freak out over loud noises? Are they happy to stay in one spot or will they start digging? Ensure you know how well behaved your pet is before you have them there.


Will there be any other animal there?

This is something you might not have thought about but if the venue has a local cat and your dog loves to chase cats this could end in disaster. If the venue has their own dog will your one be trying to mark everything in sight during your vowels? If there are horses on the property how will your pet react? If there is any other kind of animal there you should double check first.


Got answers to all of the above and it all sounds good? Great! Now let’s get into your pet being part of the ceremony:


What are they going to do?

Are you wanting them to bring down the rings on their collar? Are you riding them in (if it is a horse, don’t do that to a dog)? Or are you wanting them just to be there and maybe in some photos? Whatever you decide will determine what is required. You may have to do some practise training to ensure they not only know what to do, but also have a backup just in case they decide to ‘go off script’


What are they going to wear?

Even though a tux and hat looks very cute in photos, most animals actually don’t like them and making them wear it for about an hour may not work. You also run the risk of them overheating which can be dangerous in the warmer months. Usually a nice collar with a bow tie is fine but if you want to get really elaborate ensure they have worn it before and are ok with it.


Who is going to look after them?

If you can get a family member or friend to pick them up and then drop them off at home that is great, but there is also a service in Perth that do that for you!

My Pet Attendant is run by Karen and Greg, we know this because we did their wedding! They offer a complete package of picking up your pet, looking after them during the ceremony, taking them for a walk once all the photos are done and then taking them back home. This is an excellent service for those who don’t want to ask family or friends to do it.


Did you have your pet at your ceremony? Would you consider it? Let us know in the comments below!


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