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The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 5.5- Finding A Celebrant! (Danicia Dutry)

Find a celebrant

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries- Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 5.5- FINDING a Celebrant


OMGIGM Diaries progress of WeddingSo…before I get into this, some of you might have noticed that it has been a few months since I updated this. *looks guilty* Ok maybe I slacked off a little when it came to this, but to be honest, there has not been a lot to report. That which did happen I will catch up in the next 2 posts, but in the mean time, let’s get into the continuing saga that was finding our celebrant!


So after Janelle and I had looked everywhere for someone and came up with nothing, one of my photographer friends suggested a lady called Danicia Dutry. After checking out her site and asking the hard questions, I was impressed. Mainly because she was firm as someone who knows they offer a good service but wont bend just because the questions might be difficult.


We met up and Janelle really liked her and she presented just as good when I spoke with her over the phone. We had a good connection, she explained easily and clearly what a ceremony entails and since then have paid the deposit. We are catching up with her next Friday to go into more detail about how we would like to customize our ceremony and what we want in it.


I am excited to see how she performs and if you could like to check her out, here website below:-)

Danicia Dutry-


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My Bali Trip (or, DJ Dave’s Adventure to the Land of Smiles)- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

The following is the 6 day account of DJ Dave (and his fiancé Janelle) from Komodo Music as he flies over to Bali for a client’s wedding.


Day 1-

Delayed for HOW LONG?!?!

Due to the APEC summit which was happening in Bali, our flight with Gaurda airlines had initially been changed and instead of leaving Perth at around 9am, they changed it to 2am in the morning. This was done months ago so there was no big deal. Janelle and I arrive at the airport at 10:30pm on the Tuesday 3.5 hours before our flight, and check in and wait around enjoying each other’s company. At 12:30am they tell us the flight has been delayed and that it wont be leaving till 10:30am that morning!

Guess who was more than a little livid?!

They paid for a taxi back to our place, we got 4 hours sleep, then got back in a taxi to the airport and FINALLY left Perth on our way to Bali.

Upon arriving at the airport, we had the hotel taxi waiting for us and took us to the Kupu Kupu Jimbaran. It was a lovely hotel, really boutique and very personal.

We were shown to our rooms, went down for our free afternoon tea. Unpacked, and then went to dinner at their restaurant on the beach (Good food, could use larger portions for the price). We walked back to our hotel room till Janelle found a massage place and left me to enjoy one of the perks of Bali- cheap costing massages 😉



Day 2

Business and Shopping

Since this was not my first time to Bali, I already had a few contacts and the first was my good friend Mr. Bedu who runs site seeing and day driving. He would be our driver for the day and the first stop was to meet with Kirsty and Ben, the clients getting married and the whole reason we came. Janelle and I met with them at the AYANA Spa and Resort….it was beautiful. A 5 star resort on a cliff face, surrounded by stunning grounds and wonderful staff. Yes I can see why they might want to get married here!

AYANA Resort

Not a bad place to do a meeting

We just did our final checks (as everything had been sorting previously in Perth) and they showed me where the reception and ceremony was to take place. We said our goodbyes and then left the hotel.

Next was to make sure the equipment was all sorted.

Now I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Even though PhenomManagement is a reputable company and recommended by the AYANA, you always hear stories of equipment failing, people not turning up, etc. My nervousness increased when the address they gave us was a half constructed house:-/
But all was fine. The company was actually 3 doors down in a fully standing building and their warehouse boosted heaps of Light and audio equipment. After checking everything was in order we said our goodbyes and decided it was time for sightseeing, lunch and shopping.


First stop was the “Silver Shop”. A beautiful building where you can see all how they create the jewellery and then you can buy it from the thousands of individual pieces they have. It was interesting to see but neither Janelle nor I are that much into silver so nothing was bought (although we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be next to these frogs)

Silver jewelry makingCouple with Statue











Since we were almost there, Mr. Bedu took us to a special tourist stop where Janelle tired “Poo Coffee”. Yes that’s right, it’s a coffee made from the beans eaten and then pooped out by the Luwak. Very expensive in the States, it can go for well over $50US a cup, over here, you can get if for $15 a bag. Since I had already experienced this on a past trip, I let Janelle have her own “flavorsome” experience 😛 Afterwards  it was time to get something to eat.

People drinking coffee

Taste that coffee! David, Janelle, and Mr. Bedu

Mr Bedu took us to a local Indonesian restaurant in Ubud and we enjoyed a lovely meal. We then decided to head down to the Monkey Forest where I bought some bananas and was attacked by monkeys (ok not attacked, but it was still funny)

After buying some DVDs, we headed into the Ubud shopping district. Since this was Janelle’s first time to Bali I wanted to ease her into bartering rather than the craziness that is Kuta or Denpasar.

The best part of me was when Janelle went to do her own bartering at got a sarong for 60,000Rp (about AU$5.50) and she was all pleased with herself only to discover a person around the corner with one selling at a starting price at 20,000Rp. I laughed, gave her a kiss, and told her it is not about how much you paid, but as long as you were happy to pay it at the time.

After that were exhausted so we headed back to our hotel, said goodbye to Mr. Bedu, and had dinner on the beach at Intan Sari Café. If you ever find yourself in Jimbaran go there, the meal was only about $40 for 2 people and SO MUCH SEAFOOD!


Day 3

Rehearsal and a disaster dinner

We took it easy on Friday. We went down to the Bali Galleria (yes they have one of those) where we had lunch and did a little bit of duty free shopping and even managed to pick some stuff up for our wedding (wait and see 😉 ). I was scheduled to have a rehearsal with Kirsty and Ben at the AYANA at 3pm so we made our way slowly and I also met Dona from Bali Wedding Paradise and Iin (The wedding coordinator for the AYANA). Both were lovely ladies and we did the final checks regarding times and setup. Then Janelle and I hung by our pool back at the hotel till we decided we should think about dinner.

Wedding Rehersal at the AYANA

We got changed and went down to the lobby and asked the staff member if there was anywhere they could recommend for dinner (as we had done their beach house, seen the seafood restaurants, and wanted something different)

Oh boy was that a leading question!

They said they recommend this restaurant on this other beach about 15mins by car and they would get a car to pick us up for free. The driver arrived and took us to this place where there were heaps of restaurants, we got out and had a look at the menu and saw the prices were almost double the amount we paid the day before at the other restaurant and offering less food. We said we would like to look around but then they said we would have to pay the driver 40,000Rp (about $3.8) for taking us as the car was only free if we ate at that restaurant. After getting on the phone to our hotel and explaining my displeasure, we paid the restaurant and then waited almost 30 minutes for a taxi. All the other food places were offering the exact same thing at the exact same prices but they ALL wanted to barter on the price! It’s one thing to barter for a bowl, dress or wooden nicknac on the streets, but I do not want to barter for my meal.

We returned back to the hotel, I gave the hotel clerk a piece of my mind, and then we went down to the restaurant in the hotel and had a romantic night in an empty restaurant with mood lighting and very good food.


Day 4


Well the wedding was here. I arrived at the AYANA at 11am and the crew started setting up the huge sound system and lighting display. As part of the cost I also had 3 operators there all night who made sure the levels were always good and controlled the light!

Roadies Setting up Gear

This is the way we setup gear, early in the morning

Everything was going smoothly till I opened my travel case to set everything up…. my Macbook charger was missing


Even while writing this I have no idea where it went. I was not in any of my cases, I know it was packed before we left, and it was not at home (I have had a check) so I came up with the only logical explanation…Apple have ensured all their products have dissolving acid in all their devices which they randomly use to ensure your continued dependency on their products and buying of new parts…I hate you Apple, I really do!

So since nobody had a charger and I didn’t want to risk leaving the hotel, I organised a driver to pick up one from the store and return it to me…US$130 later I had a charger with an American plug…TOO BAD BALI USES FREAKING UK PLUGS AND I HAD ONLY AUSTRALIAN ONES!! Luckily the hotel had an adapter and the rest of the night went swimmingly!

To check out just how well everything went, click here to see the wedding blog with all the photos of the night!

Champange Pouring with Bride and Groom


Afterwards I caught a taxi home into the loving arms of my fiancé.


Day 5

Last day in Paradise

Well the Wedding was over, so this was my official holiday with Janelle so we decided to head to Kuta to do a little bit more shopping. We were going to do Waterbom Park but decided we would save that for our next trip. We bought some more DVDs, had some lunch, and Janelle’s flip flops broke. Luckily being Kutu there were plenty of shops with them ready to be sold. After a bit of haggling I got her a pair for 20,000Rp. Janelle was happy thinking she got a great deal by only spending $20…till I explained to her that it only cost us about $2. Then she was over the moon and admired my haggling skills (Seriously, you think I can sell in Australia DJ Services, come to Bali and see me haggle then lol)

We headed back to the hotel, packed our bags, had dinner, and had one more night together in a place we had over the past few days come to think of as home.

Day 6

Back to reality

The next day we said our goodbyes, got to the airport, arrived back home at about 5:30pm where the first thing I did was open my laptop to answer the emails awaiting my attention.

Overall this was an amazing experience. Thank you to Kirsty and Ben Morrison who decided that they would like to have their Australian DJ come over with them. Thank you to Mr. Bedu for being our driver, Thanks to the amazing staff at both the AYANA and KupuKupu Jimbaran for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you to PhenomManagement for providing an excellent setup and putting my mind at ease, and of course, thank you to my fiancé Janelle for accompanying in my trip and making it fun.

Some great links to all the people are below, be sure to check some of them out 😉

Kirsty and Ben’s Wedding Blog (by Komodo Music)

The AYANA Spa and Resort

Kupu Kupu Jimbaran

Dona from Bali Wedding Paradise

Phenom Management

Mr. Bedu Private Tours



Wedding at the AYANA Resort, Bali- Komodo Music DJs

Bali is the land of smile, a beautiful country with beautiful people all wanting to make your stay more enjoyable. So it was no wonder that Kirsty and Ben Morrison decided to have a destination wedding at the AYANA resort in Jimbaran. Surrounded by family and friends, and DJ Dave from Komodo Music it was an amazing ceremony with lots of smiles all around. Afterwards we headed into one of the ball rooms at the AYANA and they danced the night away.





Check out some of the video we also took of the special day.

YouTube Preview Image



This was Komodo Music’s first international wedding but it won’t be our last. If you are thinking of having your wedding in Bali and would like an Australian DJ it is not as expensive as you would think! All equipment was sourced through a reputable company and it looked amazing. Check out HERE to see the prices of having Komodo Music at your destination wedding


If you would like to check out the AYANA where all this magic happened, click here to their website

The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 5- Celebrants

Oh My God Im Getting Married Diaries- Chapter 5

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries– Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 5- Picking the Celebrant


Oh boy, brace yourselves!


So I have been to over 100 ceremonies throughout my career- I have seen a wide variety of different officiants pronounce my couples as Husband and Wife, from the funny, to the quick, to the dull, to the religious, each person has their own style and personality for what they do. The question is, who fits Janelle and me?


I don’t want the same thing I always hear, at the same time, I don’t want it to turn into a focus on the celebrant- In many respects it is like picking a DJ, you want someone who can do the job with a personality, but you don’t want them to be the centre of attention.


So when researching I went on Google searched, and looked at recommendations. Now let me tell you some of the things I discovered!

Firstly, a lot of celebrant’s websites were very lack luster!

You are selling a service in which you are going to be in most of the couple’s photos, how about updating some of yours so we can see what you look like.

Also a badly executed website to me tells me one of two things:

  • You either do not care enough about your product to make it look good,
  • You do not understand how to make it look good

Both are very important points to someone who takes meticulous care about the image they project.


The next part I was looking for in a celebrant was someone who Janelle and I could connect to. Despite what my family, friends, client’s, strangers on the street tell you, I am actually a young man and not a 50 year old shaking my fist and the youths of today 😉 So with that in mind I was leaning towards a younger celebrant under the age of 45.

Well that is a mission in of itself! There are not that many young celebrants around! Sure there are plenty “young at heart” but not that many in the physical sense! So now I’m trying to find someone with a good presence and more youthful.


The final part was asking the right questions. I had a pretty good idea what I need to ask my celebrant (due to being in the industry) and came up with the following:

  1. How long have you been doing it for?
  2. Is this your full time job? (If no, what do you normally do?)
  3. What happens if you are sick? (If you have some backups, what happens if they get booked out? Are you a member of the AFCC?)
  4. Do you take multiple weddings per day?
  5. If you do take multiple weddings, what happens if you are late to ours?
  6. How early do you arrive?
  7. Do you have any video of you doing a wedding?
  8. How much do you cost?

I think a lot of the celebrants I asked panicked initially, as these are the kind of hard hitting questions less experienced suppliers wished you didn’t ask.

Every time I rang a celebrant I put their name at the top of the page and put an answer next to each number, the results were very surprising to say the least!

Some were impressed that I was so organised

Some had the gall to give me attitude! Some of my favorite responses were:

(when asking about if this is their full time profession) “Why do you have to know that?!”

(when asking what is the backup if you are sick) “I will probably be able to ring around for you, otherwise just get someone who is a public speaker to run it and sort out the paperwork later”

(when answering the phone) What would you like?


But all that said, at least some of them answered the phones! Some never rang me back, some phones didn’t have messaging services, but either way, if you are a business, pick up your phone!!!


*Takes deep breath*

Ok now my Groomzilla moment is over, did we end up finding one?




I have some celebrants in the running, but I am waiting to see some video evidence of them doing ceremonies.

One of the celebrants I spoke to checked every box, she was friendly, professional, answered all my questions and it all seemed like we would next like to meet them…however then Janelle and I watched a video of them preforming a ceremony…and it had no personality. The words sounded like they were just being read and as we both watched the video, we turned to each other with the same thought “she is just not doing it for me”


So we are back to stage one…still looking for that perfect officiant to get us married.


WHAT ABOUT YOU? How did you find your perfect celebrant? Did they do a great or standard job marrying you? Do you have someone we should look at? Let me know in the comments below


I will post an update if and when we find one 😉


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Bernice - September 18, 2013 - 8:30 am

We went with Maggie Celenza – she does a variety of different styles and she was so wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her.

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
Y o u T u b e
S u b s c r i b e