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Wedding at the AYANA Resort, Bali- Komodo Music DJs

Bali is the land of smile, a beautiful country with beautiful people all wanting to make your stay more enjoyable. So it was no wonder that Kirsty and Ben Morrison decided to have a destination wedding at the AYANA resort in Jimbaran. Surrounded by family and friends, and DJ Dave from Komodo Music it was an amazing ceremony with lots of smiles all around. Afterwards we headed into one of the ball rooms at the AYANA and they danced the night away.





Check out some of the video we also took of the special day.

YouTube Preview Image



This was Komodo Music’s first international wedding but it won’t be our last. If you are thinking of having your wedding in Bali and would like an Australian DJ it is not as expensive as you would think! All equipment was sourced through a reputable company and it looked amazing. Check out HERE to see the prices of having Komodo Music at your destination wedding


If you would like to check out the AYANA where all this magic happened, click here to their website

The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 5- Celebrants

Oh My God Im Getting Married Diaries- Chapter 5

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries– Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 5- Picking the Celebrant


Oh boy, brace yourselves!


So I have been to over 100 ceremonies throughout my career- I have seen a wide variety of different officiants pronounce my couples as Husband and Wife, from the funny, to the quick, to the dull, to the religious, each person has their own style and personality for what they do. The question is, who fits Janelle and me?


I don’t want the same thing I always hear, at the same time, I don’t want it to turn into a focus on the celebrant- In many respects it is like picking a DJ, you want someone who can do the job with a personality, but you don’t want them to be the centre of attention.


So when researching I went on Google searched, and looked at recommendations. Now let me tell you some of the things I discovered!

Firstly, a lot of celebrant’s websites were very lack luster!

You are selling a service in which you are going to be in most of the couple’s photos, how about updating some of yours so we can see what you look like.

Also a badly executed website to me tells me one of two things:

  • You either do not care enough about your product to make it look good,
  • You do not understand how to make it look good

Both are very important points to someone who takes meticulous care about the image they project.


The next part I was looking for in a celebrant was someone who Janelle and I could connect to. Despite what my family, friends, client’s, strangers on the street tell you, I am actually a young man and not a 50 year old shaking my fist and the youths of today 😉 So with that in mind I was leaning towards a younger celebrant under the age of 45.

Well that is a mission in of itself! There are not that many young celebrants around! Sure there are plenty “young at heart” but not that many in the physical sense! So now I’m trying to find someone with a good presence and more youthful.


The final part was asking the right questions. I had a pretty good idea what I need to ask my celebrant (due to being in the industry) and came up with the following:

  1. How long have you been doing it for?
  2. Is this your full time job? (If no, what do you normally do?)
  3. What happens if you are sick? (If you have some backups, what happens if they get booked out? Are you a member of the AFCC?)
  4. Do you take multiple weddings per day?
  5. If you do take multiple weddings, what happens if you are late to ours?
  6. How early do you arrive?
  7. Do you have any video of you doing a wedding?
  8. How much do you cost?

I think a lot of the celebrants I asked panicked initially, as these are the kind of hard hitting questions less experienced suppliers wished you didn’t ask.

Every time I rang a celebrant I put their name at the top of the page and put an answer next to each number, the results were very surprising to say the least!

Some were impressed that I was so organised

Some had the gall to give me attitude! Some of my favorite responses were:

(when asking about if this is their full time profession) “Why do you have to know that?!”

(when asking what is the backup if you are sick) “I will probably be able to ring around for you, otherwise just get someone who is a public speaker to run it and sort out the paperwork later”

(when answering the phone) What would you like?


But all that said, at least some of them answered the phones! Some never rang me back, some phones didn’t have messaging services, but either way, if you are a business, pick up your phone!!!


*Takes deep breath*

Ok now my Groomzilla moment is over, did we end up finding one?




I have some celebrants in the running, but I am waiting to see some video evidence of them doing ceremonies.

One of the celebrants I spoke to checked every box, she was friendly, professional, answered all my questions and it all seemed like we would next like to meet them…however then Janelle and I watched a video of them preforming a ceremony…and it had no personality. The words sounded like they were just being read and as we both watched the video, we turned to each other with the same thought “she is just not doing it for me”


So we are back to stage one…still looking for that perfect officiant to get us married.


WHAT ABOUT YOU? How did you find your perfect celebrant? Did they do a great or standard job marrying you? Do you have someone we should look at? Let me know in the comments below


I will post an update if and when we find one 😉


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Bernice - September 18, 2013 - 8:30 am

We went with Maggie Celenza – she does a variety of different styles and she was so wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her.

Cool Caversham House Marquee Wedding- Komodo Music DJs

When the bride walks down the aisle to an instrumental version of “Eye of the Tiger” and then enters the reception to “I Just Had Sex” by the Lonely Island, you know you are in for a good night! 😉

Sabina and Leigh O’mara were such a fun couple. Even though it rained and rained and RAINED that didn’t stop the party in the Marquee at Caversham House. The ceremony was moved to inside and the party kicked off immediately afterwards. Good food, good friends, and good music, what more could you ask for 😉



Sabina Obic - September 13, 2013 - 10:29 pm

David, thank you so much for a great night – it was good to finally meet you in person and have you at our ceremony. Planning the wedding from Melbourne was challenging at times, particularly when trying to choose photographers and DJ’s without being able to meet with them. You made us feel confident with our choice from the beginning and were so helpful throughout the whole process, even with all the changes I kept springing on you. It must have been frustrating dealing with a bride who didn’t know what she wanted!
Although the day didn’t exactly go as planned, and we made up a very diverse crowd in terms of ages, backgrounds and interests, you made sure it was a fun night and that everyone had a great time. I appreciated your willingness to play my Slav music selections, and your timing with the music was perfect. We cannot recommend you highly enough, and if I ever get it into my head to plan anything ever again, I will be coming straight to you. Thank you so much for taking a lot of stress out of the day and helping everything go smoothly.

Eden Dearlove - September 26, 2013 - 3:53 pm

Hey Dave,

What a fantastic reveiw! Sounds like you’re a doing amazing Pre celebration planning.

DJ Eden

The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 4- So Hungry (Picking Food)

The Oh My God Im Getting Married Banner- Chapter 4- Picking food

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries- Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 4- Picking the Food


So next to entertainment, I have always thought food will make or break a reception!

If you don’t get enough people will complain endlessly, if it isn’t good quality, you might as well throw money down the drain!


Stars showing the prgress of a weddingNow previously I did a blog about the pros and cons of having a cocktail, a buffet or a set menu (Click HERE to have a read of it) So now I had to put my money where my mouth is and determine what we want for our reception.


Because of the amount of people we were looking at attending (actual numbers to be confirmed in a later OMGIGM entry) and the size of the Perth Bell Tower, a set and buffet menu is not possible. There would be no where for anyone to sit unless we set up outside (and if it rained we would be screwed!) so the only logical conclusion would be to have a cocktail function.


As some of you may know, my partner is a Coeliac, meaning if she eats anything with gluten in it she can become very sick. It is so bad that even cross contamination (i.e. touching a piece of bread and then touching the food) can cause sickness…This as you can imagine makes life a little bit more difficult.


I rang a lot of catering companies, and I’m not going to lie, even though they had a lot of great menus at good prices for normal people, when you took out everything that had gluten in it, the selection did not look so appetizing. Also I enjoy food a lot and if I would not be filled, there is no way I am going to inflict that onto my wife to be and our guests.


All hope seemed lost, however we finally found someone who not only could do a menu entirely gluten free, but the items were so mouth watering I needed a napkin just reading it!


Ryan John- Private Chef (

He was friendly, professional and is working with us to ensure it is everything we can want. All staff, cutlery, cooking and food is prepared fresh and we have a tasting in the next few months. Also his prices are fantastic!


I don’t want to give away what we will be having (got to keep some things a surprise 😉 ) but let me tell you, there are no spring rolls or cheese cubes as the first round! It is all amazing meat, seafood, and chicken prepared in wonderful and tantalizing ways.


If you are planing on having any kind of menu (He does sit down and buffet as well) I strongly suggest checking him out!

So what about YOU? What did your menu consist of and was it as tasty as you imagined? Also did you have a Buffet, Set Menu, Cocktail or something else and why? Let me know by leaving a comment:-)


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