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Sweet Love at Oakover Winery- Komodo Music DJs,

If you like candy, this is the wedding you could not miss! Kerry and Chris Manion tied the knot at Oakover Winery on Thursday and it was fairly obvious they had a sweet tooth! A cupcake tower with all manner of flavors, a candy buffet with old fashioned lollypops, a bombinere of marshmallows in a cute glass container, and a lemon sherbet on their menu.


A few trips to the dentist may be needed, but it certain was worth it! 😉
Check out Oakover Winery here

The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 7- Drinks and Alcohol

Chapter 7

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries- Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 7- Drinks for the Wedding


So Janelle and I had the food, now it was time to get the drinks! No reception is complete unless there is one drunk uncle singing at the top of his lungs, a bridesmaid making out in the corner, and a groomsmen trying to tell the groom what moves to do on his wedding night! All this of course is possible with alcohol so we needed to get some.


Alcohol is expensive man!


So after doing the research we decided on Shaker Bar Hire. They had two options, one where we provide the alcohol and one where they do. Both services include:

3m Professional Backlit Mobile Bar (including ice wells, glass storage, speed rail, drip mats, chilling tubs & trestle table)
3 x Cocktail bartenders
2 x Cocktail Equipment Boxes (including shakers, strainers, muddlers, napkins, straws, juice stores & much more)
1 x Set of Glassware (including martini, collins, rocks, wine, champagne and all purpose)
Menu design featuring a selection of classics cocktails or cocktails designed exclusively for your event
Delivery, set-up & breakdown

All this for $35pp. Basically all we would have to do is provide the drinks but everything is included.

Illuninated Bar

Seems easy right? Well it is, until you do the numbers!

I used Dan Murphys party calculator (Which is a great tool by the way)-

It turns out for the specific drinks Janelle and I want, it was going to be about $2000 and that was not guaranteeing we would have enough. To make life much easier, the good folks at Shakers offered us the option of Consumption, meaning they would buy more than enough for every person there 3 times over and would only charge us what is drunk. We did the calculations and if everything was completely consumed, it would cost us a total of $3500 but considering most people who are attending will not drink that much, we suspect it will be only a third of that price. Best of all, it includes all cocktails!


So the drinks are all sorted! We will be able to raise a delicious glass on our wedding day 😉


Check out Shaker Bar Hire


What about you? What is your favorite drink? Let me know in the comments below:-)


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Jacqui Ashman - March 17, 2014 - 2:14 pm

I dont have one particular favourite (makes me sound like a lush) but it all depends on the place and the circumstances as to what i would drink
my favourites are Champagne, Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito (or however you spell it), Pina Colada or just a really iced cold cider.

The OMGIGM Diaries- Chapter 6- Limousines

OMGIGM Daries ch6

The “Oh My God I’m Getting Married” Diaries- Thoughts from an engaged DJ


Chapter 6- Picking the Limousine


This week it was determining which limousine company we wanted to have for our wedding day and we narrowed it down to two- Thirties Limousines and Milestone Limousines


Because Janelle and I are going to be having photos prior to getting married, we plan to have the limo for most of the day taking us wherever we want to go. This equals about a 5 hour package with an extra pickup at 11:30pm to take us to our hotel. So now the question was which limousine suits what we are after.

If we were going purely on outside esthetic, Thirties Limo’s would win hands down. The have a 7 seater 1929 Vintage Federal Dodge and it looks beautiful and is sure to turn heads. In any photos it would look amazing.

The interior is lovely as well if not a little basic, but still has room to fit plenty of wine and glasses and our party very nicely.


However…since Janelle and I are going to be in this car for a lot of the day taking photos everywhere, the interior is also just as important! Milestone Limousine has a standard limo look on the outside of their 10 seater Holden Statesman, but inside it is where it is happening! All LED illuminated lighting, huge bar, TVs playing music and a large amount of extra space- Based on comfort this would be the car I would choose.


So now it’s crunch time, who should we go with?




That’s right, after all that legwork, Thirties was too expensive and Milestone became unavailable so it looked like it was back to square one right?

WRONG! We were recommended to talk to “Wicked Limos“. Not only do their White Stretch Chrysler 300 CC a beautiful car on the outside, but on the inside it has the works! LEDs, Bar, monitors, EVERYTHING. And the price is exactly what we were hoping to pay for!


White Chrysler Limo


So I am very pleased to announced that the New Mr. and Mrs. Green will be traveling in style!

Check out Wicked Limousines to see their range


What about you? How did you make it to your wedding? Let me know in the comments below:-)


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Stephanie - February 20, 2014 - 4:39 pm

Hey! nice choice!
We got LTD Limousines to drive us around in their HSV grange

Aristos Rottnest Island Wedding- Komodo Music DJs

Rottnest Island is a magical place. Stunning beaches, adorable wildlife, and so very peaceful…that is until DJ Dave started his tunes! 😉

Jenny and Nick Gibbs got married on Valentine’s Day 2014 on the beach at Fayes Bay, following by an intimate reception at Aristos Restaurant. Great people, who after years and years (AND YEARS) of knowing each other, finally decided it was time to make it official with their children, closest friends and family all the way from England, a good night was had by all! 😉

 We also took some video on the day, click below to check it out:-)

Such a beautiful day. If you would like information on Aristos Rottnest, check out their website

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