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“Crazy” In Love, Valley View Wedding, Komodo Music DJs

Me being a crazy sort of guy, I suppose with alot of the weddings I do,  “Like attracts Like”! 😉

Well it was certainly true (in a good way:-)) with the gorgeous couple Freda and Nigel Howard who got married at Valley View on Saturday.


After meeting the two for five minutes you can determine 3 absolutes:

1) You can’t not smile when Freda is about,

2) Nigel is head over heals in love with his new bride,

and 3) they both have an absolute passion for music!!

Congratulations guys and thanks again for using Komodo Music 😉


Freda & Nigel Howard - June 21, 2011 - 6:23 pm

Awesome pics and awesome night, on the last pic, Nigel looks like he’s got “wind”! Ha, ha.
David, you are our DJ for life, mind you though, next time if I through in our grandma, will you give us more of a discount?
Love to you always!
You’re stupendous!
Freda & Nigel (the newlyweds)

Best Wedding Songs Issue#6- IZ- Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

KM Blog header- Best Wedding Songs

Komodo Music is always on the hunt for great new songs that could be featured for you next bridal waltz.

As such, any new, up coming or alternative artist’s song that we feel would be amazing at your wedding will be featured throughout these issues.

Issue #6

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole- Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

YouTube Preview Image

Information on “IZ” can be found at his official website HERE

Check out these awesome other issues:

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Issue 6- “IZ – Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World”

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Issue 10-“Aqualung- Brighter Than Sunshine”

Issue 11– “Finley Quaye- Dice”

Issue 12- “Josh Pyke- Forever Song”

Issue 13 “David Choi- By My Side”

Issue 14“Jamie Cullum- But For Now”

Issue 15“Jon McLaughlin- Perfect”

Issue 16“Chester See- God Damn Your Beautiful”

Issue 17“Katie Melua- Nine Million Bicycles”

Issue 18“Ben Lee- We Are All In this Together”

Issue 19 “Runner Runner- I Can’t Wait”

Issue 20- “Rox- Precious Moments”

Issue 21- “Bernard Fanning- Watch Over Me”

Issue 22- “Joshua Radin- Lovely Tonight”

Issue 23- “Schuyler Fish and Tim Myers- Be My Only”


If you know of a great band or artist, agree or disagree with our selection, or have even used any of the songs featured, let us know in the comments below:-)


headphones with contact


I want to be a DJ- Komodo Music “How To” Advice

I’m not going to lie, I have the best job in the world! I get paid to go to parties, eat food, and get people dancing. There is nothing more addictive than having a dance floor of 100 people go crazy when you mix a good song in and they all scream “HELL YES!! THIS DJ IS F&^% AWESOME!”

So not surprisingly, one of the questions I get asked alot is “How do I get into DJing?

This article will hopefully answer some of those questions you may have and give you a starting point to go from:-)

Ok well DJing is great thing to get into providing you are doing it for the right reasons. Money and Fame will not be a good enough driving force considering how much time, effort, costs and training you will need.

First what kind of DJing are you wanting to get into? Club or Mobile?

Club DJs need to focus on a style of music and work like all hell to make sure their mixing a scratching is beyond awesome. And unfortunately in Perth it is very cut throat and the pay is very low. The David Guettas and Havan Browns do get paid the big buck but not only did they work hard to get to that point, they also have great managers, PR campaigns and also a little bit of luck which got them that break.

Mobile DJing is more what I do with Weddings, corporate events, birthdays, etc. Your mixing/beat matching needs to be good but not to nightclub level (although you should always try to be at a higher level). Also the pay is alot better once you are good and there is more work available.

Above all you need to have a solid understanding of music. With Mobile DJing, it is important you know all the different kinds of music that everybody wants to hear. So this includes the best dance stuff from the 60,70,80,90,00,top40 as well as specifics of genres so the best Rnb, Rock, Pop, Alternative, and Dance.

Once you have the music knowledge under your belt you need to decide what kind of equipment you want to use. There are lots of different brands and styles. I use Pioneer CDJ400 and CDs but other DJs use digital programs. The biggest thing is ensuring you can still beat match regardless what equipment you use.

After you have music and equipment, then it is practicing how to find a beat. It is harder than it sounds especially when you need to cue it up with the equipment. Alot of the first half of training will be getting you to recognize where to cue up the beat so you can mix it in. Then we start on adjusting tempo to make two songs work together.

This will most likely take about 6 months to understand and then it is continuous practice for the rest of your career. If you get slack, you get sloppy. There is then ALOT more things you will need to learn but I’m just giving a basic idea of what is needed.

I can suggest to talk to some local DJs and see if they would be willing to give you some lessons, then hire some equipment to have a practice on and after a while, look at buying your own. Try also seeing if any mates are having something with music and see if they will let you practice on them.
Once you got the experience, you can apply to companies like myself and we can start getting you work, or alternatively you can start branching out on your own (however this means marketing, purchasing all equipment, referrals, etc which takes even more time to acquire)

One of the best tutorials I have found on YouTube is a guy called Ellaskins. Click HERE to be taken to his channel.

Hopes that helps guys, but remember, DJing can be a lucrative career or an expensive hobby. PLEASE don’t buy anything until you

1) are sure this is what you want to do and

2) have researched, practiced and understood what you are getting into


Keep spinning those tunes:-)

DJ Dave


(Photo courtesy of “”)

Komodo Music DJ’s Table and Booth

Through lots of our photos, you may have an idea of what Komodo Music will look like at your event. This article will give you a more in depth look at how we set up for your show. A good DJ should have a setup that is impressive, but at the same time, not overwhelming. It should be funky and smick but not take away any attention from the room.

Komodo Music has two types of sets up which are unique for the company. Our DJ Booth and our DJ Table.


The Booth

This custom designed piece is square and takes up very little space. It has plush sides and black felt with an “Eternity light” situated in the middle. It is a very cool effect which gives the illusion it goes on forever. Especially popular with children and people who have had too much to drink. 😉

This is used for our more permanent venues or venues with easy setup as although it is impressive and mobile, it is heavy and not practical for establishments with stairs.


The Table

The table is a new addition to Komodo Music and is a much lighter and easier to transport. ittakes up only about 1.2 meters and comes in both black and white solid covers. It has 8 LED disc lights along the front on 2 different circuits. This allows the lights to flash different colours and different speeds during the dancing. During dinner the lights can be set to a solid colour to match the decor of the room.


Speaker Covers

Another new addition are speaker covers. These pillar are designed to completely conceal the speakers while ensuring sound quality does not suffer.


Komodo Music prides itself on being a trend setter and as of yet I have not seen any other DJ company in Perth with anything like us, but like any trend somebody will start copying eventually so if you seen anyone else with their own version of our “Booth”, “Table” or “Speaker Covers”, you will know that Komodo Music had it first 😉

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