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Top 15 First Dance SALSA Songs (in English)- Komodo Music DJs

So you are your partner are wanting to do something a little different for your first dance? How about a Salsa! It’s sexy, its cool, and… damn it… I wish I could dance! But personal musing aside, finding the right music for a good Salsa can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language. So because of that, I have complied a list of:


Top 15 songs you can Salsa to (in English)

Bride and groom doing a salsa at a wedding with bride shaking her hips

Image courtesy of


“Thinking of You” by Lenny Kravitz

YouTube Preview Image


“Just the Way You Are” by Alex D’Castro

YouTube Preview Image


“I’ll Always Love You” by Tito Nieves’

YouTube Preview Image


One In A Million by Ne-Yo

YouTube Preview Image


“Always be my baby” by Corrine

YouTube Preview Image


“Killing me softly” by DOBLE R CURACAO

YouTube Preview Image


“I will always love you” by Manny Pacheco

YouTube Preview Image


“Good Lovin” by Miguel, Oscar y la Fantasia

YouTube Preview Image


“Maria Maria” (Salsa Version) by Santana

YouTube Preview Image


“You are my everything (Salsa Version) by Johnny Ray

YouTube Preview Image


“I wish your Love in September” by Sonido Siboney

YouTube Preview Image


“Aicha” (Salsa English Version) by- Galo Pacheco

YouTube Preview Image


Crazy for you- Domingo Quiñones

YouTube Preview Image


Dance with me- Jose Alberto El Canario

YouTube Preview Image


Love is Forever- Tony Vega

YouTube Preview Image


If you think you have found some more, leave a comment and link to the video below:-)

Also be sure to check out “Top 15 First Dance Jive/Swing Songs


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robert - July 28, 2016 - 4:32 am

Add “Remember Me” to your “best” for salsa in English. Th band was Eddie Torres and his Mambo Kings Orchestra. Same album also includes “To Be With You” in English — Check it out.

It was an orchestra pulled together by Tito Puente FOR Eddie Torres as an “homage” to Eddies terrific Salsa dancing!

Stresses from past brides and how it affected the wedding- Komodo Music DJs

Blue background with bride in white looking concerned and scared

(image courtesy of ‘’)

Every bride has stresses when leading up to the big wedding day. Family, vendors, fears…you might think you are the only bride pulling her hair out and stressing out over these things, but you aren’t! In fact to prove it, I asked some of my past brides what was some of the biggest stresses leading up to the day, and were they justified?



Bride and Groom at teh Forrest CentreSteph and Steve

The Stress

Table arrangements – who sits where, was my biggest headache. I could only sit 10 at a table and I have a large family and didn’t want to split them up too much. And what friends to sit with others, who would clash, who would get along, etc.

How Did It Affect The Day?

On the day I didn’t care what everyone thought! But it seems they were all happy.



Kylee and RusselBride and Groom smiling as they do a bridal waltz

The Stress

Family members and where I was going to put them ie.who would get along with who. We did our tables over and over in the end we were like if people can’t be happy where we sit them then too bad! It was our day and they only had to sit there to eat as they could get up in between. End verdict

Also our photos – what if the photographer didn’t catch a special moment we wanted or missed taking a photo of someone or left too early.

How Did It Affect The Day?

No-one complained and everyone was very happy where they were seated. We also had a lot of special moments caught on camera including making it on our DJ’s own TV channel


Groom holding bride from behind with arms around waistMona and Gus

The Stress

The budget!! Where to spend the money….I was always thinking if something was important to buy/do/have and if it was worth spending the money or it would have been better spent elsewhere!!!! Biggest headache!!!

We also had our doubts about using a ‘friend’ as out photographer to try and get it cheaper.

How Did It Affect The Day?

In the end nobody noticed about the small stuff anyway such as table decorations but I should have followed my gut instincts regarding photos!! That’s one decision to this day I still regret!!



Rebecca and AaronBride and groom leaning into each other head to head

The Stress

I was scared of becoming a Bridezilla, and that I would melt down at the slightest thing going not to plan. I therefore made a list of everything that could or possibly go wrong (i.e. heel snapping, tripping down the stairs, stumbling my vowels, etc)

How Did It Affect The Day?

A few ‘Oopsies’ did occur, I felt less stressed as I put humor knowing what could of gone wrong. Although amongst my list I did not have my sister losing centimeters either side of her dress via excessive exercise and mum got caught sowing it on the day…meaning I only got formal photos of mum and I. I remember her laughing being impressed how much weight my sister had lost but I just stared blankly at her…mum & my bridesmaid saved me from dying within myself, but now I laugh about it.

If you would like Komodo Music to help you with your wedding stresses, CONTACT US

How to give a great speech at a wedding- Komodo Music DJs

Following on from my last blog “How to be an amazing MC”, sometimes you might not be incharge of running the night, but will still have to give a speech. This can be equally as nerve racking. While I suggest you all go back and read that one first, for your consideration:



Groom with jacket off holding a microphone giving a speech

Some of this advice is the same as that given in the past blog as it is still relevant, some of it is new.

Be yourself

The worst thing any speaker can do is try to be someone they are not. If you are an outgoing person, be that outgoing person. If you are quieter, be that. As soon as you start trying to be someone you are not you become fake and an audience can always see through that and it just makes the whole experience uncomfortable.



This should be obvious, but how does one get confidence? By doing! I like the ‘tough love’ approach where I will berate someone until they get so sick of me that they just do it…and usually find it wasn’t that scary in the first place. Everyone will have different ways to find confidence, but just know you need it!



I always say using humor in a speech is like a handgun- if you are funny and know what you are doing you can kill the audience with laughter, if you aren’t funny you are more than likely to shoot yourself and die on stage. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be funny. If you are funny, remember you are there to do a job, not be a standup comedian so keep it in moderation


Length and writing

Previously in the MC blog I used the acronym KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid.

However if you are the father of the bride and have just so much to say, or a best man who has the story of how the couple meet, that might not be so simple. So here are the steps when writing a speech

  1. Write down in point form exactly what you want to talk about. This is the skeleton of your speech so it is very important.
  2. Next is expand and write down each point so it sounds like a speech
  3. Third, is to revise it. Read it out loud and see if it make sense, does it address your points directly or do you waffle on about something funny but irrelevant?
  4. Now comes the hard part, get it down so it is only one (or one and a half) pages. This should mean your speech (at the most) goes no longer than 10 minutes. If you start going over that you will not only loose your audience, but you start putting the wedding schedule and the kitchen behind. This will really force you to look at what you have written and determine how much is really needed and how much is it you just wanting to say it.


Practice your speech

Practice in front of a mirror will you can say the words blind folded. Then practice with variations of it, then practice in front of family, friends, and roommates…just practice it lots!


Practice your body language, breathing, and speed

So once you have practiced the words, now it’s time to practice your presentation. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Moving your hands- using your spare hand to gesture is fine, otherwise keep it in your pocket. What is NOT ok is using both hands to gesture as one will be holding your microphone
  • Ums and Ahs- try not to say these during the speech, it makes you seem like you are trying to remember what to say
  • Breath slowly- The temptation to say a page worth of speech in one breath; don’t! Breath normally and have pause where appropriate
  • Speak clearly but keep the pace even– when nervous you will rush through your speech, so remember it is not a race.
  • Smile– Speaking the same thing with a straight face and speaking it with a smile makes a world of difference.


What to say

Every speech is different, with different topics and personalised stories, but there is a universal structure to most wedding speeches:

Parent’s Speech

  • Welcome the other parent’s to the family
  • Relate funny or sincere story about the bride/groom OR
  • Relate funny or sincere story about the first time meeting the bride/groom
  • Toast to the couple


Best Man/ Bridesmaid speech

  • Relate funny or sincere story about the first time meeting the bride/groom
  • Say why you are friends with the bride/groom
  • Toast to the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
  • Toast to the couple



  • Thank everyone for coming
  • Single out special people who made a difference (parents, best friend, etc)
  • Thank and toast your partner


Also be sure to close off once you have finished your speech otherwise people never know when it’s over.


Tips when writing speeches

  • Do not go to Google for jokes. Anyone who has been to more than one wedding knows them all


“Wasn’t the wedding beautiful, it was so emotional even the cake is in tiers”

“(to the groom) When you are wrong say you are sorry, when you are right, shut up”

“(to the groom) Put your hand ontop of your wife’s, there you go, that is the last time you will ever have the upper hand!”

“I’ve been told to keep my speech as long as the groom can last on his wedding night…so thank you very much everyone”

  • Quotes for weddings are fine, but do not go overboard, and if you have heard it before, chances are others have as well. Instead find something that means something to the bride and groom (maybe a favorite author or singer) and find a quote from them
  • Depending on the crowd, audience participation can be either really good or really bad, so if you have not done a lot of speeches before, best air on the side of caution


Hopefully this has been informative on how to write a great speech:-)


If you are interested in having Komodo Music being your MC for your wedding, CONTACT US

MANCARE- A Review on Guys Grooming- Komodo Music DJs Perth

purple square logo with nut bolts of guys groomingMANCARE

A review on Guys Grooming


I am a very lazy man! I am the sort of guy who will not get dressed nor have a shower or a shave all day if I am not meeting a client! In short, I do not care in general what I look like.


However, on certain days at certain times, it is expected that I shed my caveman persona and look not only like a functioning member of society, but a WELL MADE functioning member of society. When that day comes, I find myself drawn to Guys Grooming.


I have gone there twice so far- once before my wedding day, and once just before the last expo. Both times I had different things done but both times the experience has been overwhelmingly positive


First Time

The first time I went I wanted a close shave, and my eye brows, ears and nose waxed. No man wants to have hair sticking out of orifices in his wedding photos! I was also curious how they would do a close shave as I have never had one performed on me before.


As I arrived I was seating in the waiting area. The chairs were leather and comfortable, I was offered complementary drinks of beer, wine or softdrink, and on the table was the remote for the TV which had cable and various magazines and newspapers. In short it was a man’s paradise. Partners I found out were not allowed past the lobby, and all the employees were females. Now while the more evolved part of my brain could see this ploy for what it was, the more animistic part gagged it to shut up and enjoyed the view.

Waiting area of guys grooming with 4 leather chairs, tv and a bar in the background


My name was called and I was fetched by a young lady who would be doing my waxing…I had never been waxed before in my life and it was an…experience…I am not a fan of pain and I may have shed a manly tear as I tried to be brave…but the results could not be questioned.

Having shapely eyebrows and no hair in your ear or nose really does make you look much better! I wouldn’t do this every month mind you, but when I want to impress I will grin my teeth and bare it! The total came in at a cost of $19 each wax ($57 total)

The room was relaxing with some soothing music being played and a cute sign on the back of the door saying “If you want a happy ending, rent a Disney movie”. The young lady was friendly and chatty and put me a ease.


Next was the shave…it was wonderful. I recommend everyone has it done at least once. The hot towel, the precision, the cleanse afterwards, the old skool tools used. It was fantastic. The price came in at a cost $65 and took about 40 minutes. Not cheap, but the experience is worth it and you get every penny’s worth. A few small hints though, do not talk to the girls about Sweeny Todd as they have ALL heard it before and do not say how their eyes look as you are staring up at them. I talked about an old western called ‘The man with no name’ which she hadn’t heard of and found it a refreshing change.


At the end of my shave, I was offered a free consultation about my skin and what I should use when shaving. They showed me a product called “dermalogica” and said this would not only give me a better shave, but be better for my skin. I bought a starter kit to try it out. After using the product till it ran out, I found it had very little effect nor improvement on my shaving experience. I ended up going back to foam and the result was the same. One thing I do differently now is after my shave is done, I put oil on my face and shave again-it make my face REALLY smooth.


I enjoyed my first time there and decided I would come back. This year (2015) I had the eBridal expo and I wanted to look sharp and make a good impression, so back I went!


Round 2


This time I decided I would forgo the shave and do that myself, instead I wanted to try a haircut and the waxing like last time.


Again the staff members were very friendly and I was offered drinks while I waited. I was eventually fetched by a young lady who took me for my haircut. My hair was cut perfectly, then I was given a head massage and it was washed so there was no annoying bits of hair falling out during the day. The whole experience took 20 minutes and only cost $35. Considering to get my hair cut just the way I like it usually costs me $30, I really feel all the extras are worth the $5 more.

Hair studio at guys grooming with chairs and tvs


Then it was back to the waiting area and then collected again for my waxing. The second time around it wasn’t as bad (but it wasn’t fun either) but she did a good job….EXCEPT….when I got home and looked at it a little closer,s he had done one eyebrow slightly more in than the other. It was barely noticeable and my wife only saw it once I pointed it out to her, but it was there. Maybe the girl was new, maybe she was slightly distracted, or maybe my big bushy eyebrows left a shadow and she didn’t see. Either way, not enough of a problem that I wouldn’t go back but I am reviewing this place so I have to be fair!


Final verdict!


I like Guys Grooming and having tried it twice, you get your money’s worth. They are a professional company that cater to both the corporate and the casual male. The only piece of advice I can give is not be upsold on products unless you have either tried them before or you want to give them a go. The services on the other hand, upgrade away! They offer a whole range of services that I haven’t used yet like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, sauna, the list goes on and on.


If you just want to treat yourself or if you want to look your best for someone, THIS is the place you should go. If this was available to me when I was in High School maybe things might have turned out differently for me! I could have been one of the pretty attractive guys…you know…instead of just the monobrowed, zit faced guy! 😉


To check out Guys Grooming, click their link

Gift vouchers are available and you can book an appointment by calling them.


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