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Top 15 First Dance Jive/Swing Songs- Komodo Music DJs

If you are wanting to try something a little different for your first dance, why not opt for a Jive or Swing? There are a lot of great songs you and jive to, but to ensure they are wedding appropriate, Komodo Music DJ hs complied a list of:


Top 15 Songs you can Jive to for a First Dance

Black and white photo of couple jiving with first dance with background a blur

‘Image courtesy of’


Chasing Cars- The Baseballs

YouTube Preview Image


Love is Easy- McFly

YouTube Preview Image


You Never Can Tell- Chuck Berry

YouTube Preview Image


I’m A Believer- The Monkees

YouTube Preview Image


Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Michael Buble

YouTube Preview Image


Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor

YouTube Preview Image


Can’t Buy Me Love- Beatles

YouTube Preview Image


Bear Necessities- Disney (The Jungle Book)

YouTube Preview Image


You Can’t Hurry Love- The Supremes

YouTube Preview Image

You Can’t Stop The Beat- Hairspray

YouTube Preview Image


Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis

YouTube Preview Image


Candy Man- Christina Aguilera

YouTube Preview Image


A Motown Tribute to Nickelback- Post Modern Jukebox

YouTube Preview Image


Mo Hotta Mo Betta- The Baseballs

YouTube Preview Image


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love- Blues Brothers

YouTube Preview Image


If you liked this, be sure to check out “Top 15 Songs to Salsa To (In English)



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We clash on music taste- HELP!

Graph showing the music I like vs the music you like

You love your partner! You love their smile, their personality, and almost everything about them…but the one thing you may not love it their music taste.


It’s ok! Nobody has to agree on everything, but what do you do when he likes Nine Inch Nails and you are a more Taylor Swift fan? Well the first reaction may be to take control over the music yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it! This wedding is about both of you and it won’t be very fun if one is enjoying the tunes and the other is not. So here are some suggestions:


Split the choices down the middle

We send all our clients an online music library. That way the can pick 16 songs on the “Must Play”, 50 “Play if Possible” songs and as many “Do Not Play” list songs you wish… That means you each get 8 MP and 25 PiP each. You may not agree with the other’s choices but at least you can have equal say.


What will work for a wedding reception and what wont

Just because you like your Metal, or Triple J, or EDM does not mean you can’t have it at your wedding. The key is to determine where to play it. For example- If you like your Heavy Metal, obviously playing during the entree when Nana is trying to each her soup is not going to be appropriate. But you could play it right towards the end when everyone is in the “drunk rock out mode”. By the same token, you could play metals band’s softer songs during dinner (like Metallic- ONE, or the band Nightwish).


What YOU want to hear Vs what others will dance to

It is your wedding reception, but if your music is not very good to listen to during dinner and not very good to dance to, you may want to reconsider or give some alternatives. You will have a great time if your guests are dancing. Now if YOU are happy to dance to it, fantastic! But don’t make the DJ play it and then if nobody gets up not getup yourself! Live and die by your music choice!


You get to choose the entrance song, I get to pick the cake cutting!

If you are having trouble agreeing with some of the important songs, why not take one each?! The songs you will have to pick are:

  • Entrance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bridal Waltz (x2)
  • Leaving Songs (between 2-4)


Remember guys, it is about fairness AND compromise! You can have different tastes, but don’t take control just because you may not like what radio station your partner listens to!


If you would like Komodo Music DJs to be your referee between your music tastes, CONTACT US today


David and Janelle’s Wedding at The Perth Bell Tower- Komodo Music

On the 1st June 2014, I, David Green (owner of Komodo Music), married my best friend Janelle Johnson at the Perth Bell Tower. Over the course of last year (and catch up this year) I have been recording my experiences in the “OMGIGM Diaries” which you can read here. Now that the wedding is over, it is time to give my thoughts on how the process went, where the most stress was and which suppliers performed and who did not!


Photographer- Dave and Charlotte Photography

Let’s start with the amazing photographer Dave who took all the photos you are about to see here. He is worth every penny we paid. He was so much fun to deal with and as you will see, the photos turned out great! As you may remember, we decided to do photos before tying the knot, that way we would get through a large amount of locations. Well we had 4.5 hours and it almost wasn’t enough. In fact we had to cut down some locations! Since we live in Ellenbrook, we took photos at Sandalford Winery, then King Street in the CBD, then a quick (and I do mean quick) photo at The Greenhouse (where Janelle and I met) and finally onto Stirling Gardens (Supreme Court Gardens) for the family photos. I would suggest to allow yourself plenty of time for your photos because this what you will physically have to remember the day by (besides the pretty rings) 😉


Rings- Mastusik Jewellers

Speaking of rings, I had Janelle’s custom made. I went through so many jewellers and this small company is the only one who not only listened to my needs, but didn’t treat me like an idiot! Many of the companies wanted to charge me to make a concept drawing of what I was after without giving any input, the Mastusik team not only gave active input, but made a 3D drawing of what it would look like and offered to make a wax mold for free. They came up with a ring concept and let me select which diamonds I wanted in it. Not just what type, but physically got a variety of the same diamonds for me to look, compare and select. I cannot recommend these guys enough!


Dress- Collezione Bridal Couture

I had 100% NOTHING to do with the dress so I can only speak on how beautiful my wife looked in it. That said, according to Janelle, she thought they were the nicest people ever. Everything was included- Alterations to the dress, the multiple fittings she booked, internal bras (what in the world is that?!?!) but most of all a friendly and professional staff which made her feel welcome. She was very happy with the dress and from a pure aesthetics point of view so was I

(Although holy baloney is it a difficult thing to take off! 😉 )


Makeup- Lyndal Evans

I thought my wife looked beautiful in her makeup, so I have nothing really to say on that front. She thought Lyndal was professional and for the quality of work it was very reasonably priced. I have been informed she did ‘airbrushing’ makeup on her and that she was on time. Nothing but good praises to say about the makeup


Hair- Sunflower Hair and Beauty

Again I had no say on hair and I think she looked great. Surprisingly though, it was only afterwards I found out Janelle wasn’t happy with the stylist. She was happy with how the hair looked but not with the work ethic of the person themselves. When she went for the trial, Janelle told her to come at 9am. The stylist said it would only take half an hour to do each persons hair, but Janelle insisted that she come early to be done earlier so it wouldn’t interfere with the makeup. They discussed and agreed. On the morning of the wedding, the stylist sent a text saying she was coming half an hour later because it wouldn’t take that long (despite what was agreed prior) and then she showed up even later than that because she got lost getting to our house. This of course put everything back and because of the lateness it was crossing over with the makeup and caused Janelle to be late (in fairness not by much but late enough to not make a planned location)

Again I knew NOTHING of any of this until after the wedding and I thought it all looked nice (and Janelle agrees the hair itself was good), but since this is the story I got, it is only fair I share it as told from the Brides eyes.



Car- Wicked Limos

A very classy car at a very reasonable price. I had other companies trying to charge at least an extra $300 for a Chrysler (some even more). Rick at Wicked Limousines was very helpful, his drivers were flexible, and it looks beautiful in the photos. Inside it was party, party, PARTY! With drinks flowing and music going! At the end of the night we were meant to be picked up in a Sedan to take us to the hotel, but Rick went one step further and picked us up in a Hummer Limo (it was just a pity it was less than a 5 minute drive from the venue). These guys are awesome and if looking for a limo you should check them out!



Venue- Perth Bell Tower

Most people were not aware you could hold a function here. Well after our wedding, I can see more people choosing this place. We selected it prior to all the construction so when it all started we were a little devastated…but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact you just couldn’t look out towards Fremantle because of the construction but every other direction was fine. Inside the venue looked AMAZING. The staffs at the Bell Tower were very helpful with the setup and pack down of the venue. They were very attentive and really lovely people. When you hire the venue, you get all access so Janelle and I were able to go to the Viewing Level, take 5 minutes out just for us and watch the rain run down the window. Very romantic and one of my favorite memories of the day.



Celebrant- Pastel Blue Ceremonies- Danica Dultry

As you may remember in my OMGIGM Diaries, we had a lot of trouble finding a celebrant that we were both comfortable with. After much searching we found the one and she did not disappoint us. She was both professional and personable with our ceremony. I have often seen celebrants make it about them, but she made it about US! From our first meeting all the way to the final proclamation of Husband and Wife, I could not ask for a more wonderful person to marry us.



Food- Ryan John, Private Chef

The food was a huge success. Every single person raved how great it all tasted and the best part, it was all gluten free! Every item was personally chosen (and tasted) by Janelle and myself. Ryan brought us into his headquarters prior to the wedding to try everything and on the day it tasted even better! Our menu consisted of:

  • Honey and Mustard Lamb Skewers with Mint Yoghurt
  • Pancetta Wrapped Scallops served Simply with Lemon
  • Natural Oysters with Lime and Chipotle Dressing
  • Asparagus and Roast Capsicum wrapped in Proscuitto
  • Roasted Sweet Potato and Persian Fetta Frittata with Pesto
  • Prawn and Avocado Rice Paper Rolls with Lime and Hickory Dressing
  • Harvey Beef Rump Skewers with Chimichurri Sauce
  • Jerk Chicken Skewers
  • Grilled Tiger Prawn Skewers with Mango and Coriander Salsa
  • Pepper Crusted Barramundi with Roasted Potatoes and Salsa Verde
  • Sweet Items: Assorted French Macarons, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The only problem was everything tasted so good most of it was gone before the photographer had a chance to take photos of it! That said though, no images can ever truly capture the taste and look that was prepared for our wedding 😉


Cocktail menus are one of those things where I am always worried there would not be enough food to go around. Well by the end of the service everyone was so filled they had to dance to work it all off. If you are wanting a caterer for any kind of event, you MUST use Ryan John.


Cake- Alternative Bites

After a long struggle trying to find a wedding cake person, we decided to try Janelle’s favorite Gluten Free Bakery. After trying some treats, we placed an order for 30 fruit flans and 30 chocolate cakes (we only had 50 at the reception). EVERYBODY, and I mean everyone, could not get over how delicious the cakes were. Obviously there were a big hit because there was nothing left at the end of the night. The chocolate was moist and the flans were divine. When people also found out it was gluten free and cost the same of normal cakes, there were many disbelieving looks given. Take a trip down there and taste some of the delights. (UPDATE: as of May 2017 they are no longer operating)


Drinks- Shaker Bar Hire

Now I am not a big drinker, and the stuff I do drink tends to be more on the sweeter side, however I know that is not what others like- so the question was what to have to drink? The team at Shakers did an amazing job. We decided to have a few beers, a few ciders, some wines, but most importantly…4 varieties of cocktails. Janelle wanted one to be our “Signature Drink” which was green since that was our theme and so the menu was devised:

  • Beers: Peroni, Corona and Cascade
  • Cider: Rekorderlig, Strongbow sweet/dry
  • White Wine: Brown Brothers (Moscato) and Deep Woods SSB
  • Red Wine: Cow Bombie Cab Merlot and Shiraz
  • Sparkling: Fleur de Lys
  • Cocktails: Flirtini, Highland Cuddy, Strawberry Daiquiri, Apple Martini

Our guest tried every variety of cocktail (to decide which one was best) and then tried them all again (you know, in the interest of science) and kept coming up to me saying how yummy they all were. Towards the end of the night, a few guests even asked them to make some ‘custom’ cocktails which they gladly did (as long as they had the ingredients) and the bar itself looked beautiful. As an added bonus, rather than Janelle and I buying all the drinks and them serving them, Shakers bought everything and only charged us on consumption. This was the best way as we knew if every drop was drunk how much it would cost and anything under that we were refunded. Such a professional team.



Music- Komodo Music

Was there any doubt that I was going to be using one of my DJs?! 😉 Ironically, most of my team didn’t want to do our wedding because of the vast amount of pressure for ensuring everything went smoothly! In the end I choose DJ Danny who did an awesome job mixing the music. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances he is no longer at Komodo Music but even today everyone was raving how much fun the music was





What does a bridesmaid pay for in a wedding?- Komodo Music DJs

There are some things as a guy I will never have to worry- the pain of childbirth, determining which high heels goes with which outfit, having guys complement my assets…but the biggest thing with regards to a wedding that I have never had to worry about was

“what do I pay for regarding my bridesmaids?”

For some, that question trumps all the other scenarios above because it is more delicate and painful to answer. Hair, makeup, dresses, shoes, jewellery, the list goes on! Well after asking my wife and consulting more reliable sources (such as past brides, wedding planners, and general public) I think I have the definitive answer for you:

Bridesmaids in baby Blue dresses


Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s dress?

It is generally agreed that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, the logic is that they can wear it again. That being said, it is not fair if the dress you choose that they all have to buy costs $800. Be conscientious that not everyone can afford something so expensive.


Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s hair and makeup?

Ah the big question- So here it is:

  • If being done professionally- Yes
  • If being done by themselves- No

If you want all the bridesmaids to look the same regarding hair style and makeup (especially for photos) then you need to spend the money on that. However if you are letting them get ready at home, then no. No bridesmaid would deliberately come to the wedding with horrible hair or makeup, but it may not fit together when put against all the other bridesmaids. You know your friends better than me so only you can actually answer how you feel about it, but the answer is there.


Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s shoes?

Like the dress, the bridesmaid is usually expected to purchase this themselves as it can be worn again. However don’t go overboard and ensure the shoes you want are avalaible in all your bridesmaid sizes


Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s jewellery/accessories?

Sometimes brides give a gift on the day for the bridesmaids to wear as a thank you. If you want them all to hear the same stuff then yes you are required to purchase it. If however it is more optional, then it is up to the bridesmaid to purchase it if they want


Do I pay for my bridesmaid’s flowers?

Yes. While most SAY they will keep their flowers after the wedding, most get lost on the day or wilt and die a few days later. It’s a perishable and it really is only for your photos, so yes you are responsible!


Final advice

Make sure you make it clear exactly what you are planning to do before the shopping starts. You may find some people will decline because of the cost and you don’t want to cause tension during this process. So make sure you have a budget in mind and a game plan before you start.


If you would like Komodo Music to DJ your wedding, CONTACT US

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