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A NEW Komodo Music for 2017

KM Blog Header- new 2017

Greetings and welcome to Komodo Music 2017!

If you have been a client of ours for a while, get ready for some amazing changes this year. If you are brand new and this is the first blog you have ever seen of ours…yes, we are always this awesome!


Ok so in an effort to keep improving our company and service we have decided 2017 is the year of change. As such we are going to be doing lots of things to help improve your experience, our findability (shut up it is too a real word!) on Google and other social media, and focus more on what has been working for us and what hasn’t. All these changes are listed below, so let’s get into them!



After multiple years of trying to expand to Melbourne we have decided that it is not feasible. As such all our SEO and content will be removed about Melbourne (expect our venue reviews on the Melbourne venues). For the couple of inquires a year we were getting it seems silly to keep saying “Perth and Melbourne” so instead we are 100% Perth Based! (Although we will still happily go interstate or overseas to DJ your wedding or event) 😉


More blogs

This Year Komodo Music wants to do more new content for you. As such we have ensured the first Monday of every month there will be a new blog. The topics will be the following*

Jan- Wedding Expos For 2017

Feb- Best And Worse Times Of The Year For A Wedding

Mar- Children Involved In The Wedding

Apr- 3 Wedding Apps Every Bride Needs

May- Top 10 Ceremony Locations in Perth

Jun- Top 10 Unique Receptions in Perth

Jul- Top Modern Waltz First Dance Songs

Aug- Top Rumba First Dance Songs

Sep- Pets at Weddings

Oct- How To Pull Off An Amazing Proposal

Nov- What Every Bride Should Have On Hand

Dec- 5 Things Every Guy Should Do As A Treat Before His Wedding

*Blog topics subject to change


More Facebook/Twitter content

Last year you probably noticed a lot more content on our FB page and Twitter. This year we hope to keep that up so if you weren’t already, be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


More advertising but fewer locations

For the last few years we have been looking at the best place to advertise our services. We have always gone to Expos and done online advertisement but results have been hit and miss. For 2017 we have made the following decisions:

  • Komodo Music will be at the eBridal Expo in January but not the second one half way in the year. This will be the only expo we will be doing in 2017 (unless an amazing opportunity arising which we can’t pass up).
  • Komodo Music will still happily be part of venue wedding open days if we are invited and we will inform you of the locations via our social media.
  • Komodo Music will be stopping its advertising in Easy Weddings as the cost no longer justifies the amount of leads they generate.
  • Komodo Music will be putting extra money into Adwords and Facebook ads meaning hopefully we will be popping up a lot more.

So that is the state of Komodo Music. Should you have any other improvements or suggestions you would like us to implement please let us know. If there are any blog topics you would like us to write about send us a message or leave a comment down below.


Thanks guys and girls, and we look forward to getting you up dancing in 2017!:-)

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How to Use Komodo Music Website & Online Music Library

Komodo Music has a lot of things on it’s website and sometimes navigating it and the Online Music Library. In this How To guide, we have detailed instructions and videos to ensure you get the most use out of everything.


How to use The Komodo Music Site!

 YouTube Preview Image

To save you time, please ensure you do the following:


  • LIKE Komodo Music on Facebook! Every time we do a new blog we post it on our page so it will then turn up in your News feed. Generally we have one every Monday and Wednesday
  • Along the top of our website there are 2 tabs, one that says “Categories” and a “Search Bar”
    • Categories will take you to all the blogs posted in the included sections. Keep in mind that we have a lot of posts so it is recommended to do this if you have time.
    • The Search Bar will hone in on key words on blogs that you are after. For Example, if you type in “Cake cutting”, all blogs with those words will come up
  • Check out the PDF on our website (Right next to the “Contact Tab”) which has suggested songs to help you get started:-)



How to use The Online Music Library!

YouTube Preview Image


After our first meeting, in separate email we have sent you your Online Music Password. Please feel free to log on and start choosing some songs:-)(If you have not received it yet, please check your “junkmail” folder)


  • We have thousands of songs online but even more not loaded up; if you can’t find an artist or song that does not mean we do not have it. Please let us know what it is and we will advise if it is currently available
  • Please ensure you “Save” your list every time before you close it and when you are ready to send it to us ensure that you press the “Submit” button as we do not get the list automatically
  • Once logged on to the Online Music Library, click the “Most Requested” button to get some ideas of songs choices
  • You do not need to use the Online Music Library. If you want to just send an email with song requests or want to leave it completely in the DJ’s hands, that is not a problem:-)
  • Please ensure all important songs on your WRD document are selected before the next meeting with your DJ.
  • Have a pad and pen in the car so when a good song comes on the radio you can write it down


If you would like Komodo Music to be part of your event, CONTACT US


Top 15 First Dance Jive/Swing Songs- Komodo Music DJs

If you are wanting to try something a little different for your first dance, why not opt for a Jive or Swing? There are a lot of great songs you and jive to, but to ensure they are wedding appropriate, Komodo Music DJ hs complied a list of:


Top 15 Songs you can Jive to for a First Dance

Black and white photo of couple jiving with first dance with background a blur

‘Image courtesy of’


Chasing Cars- The Baseballs

YouTube Preview Image


Love is Easy- McFly

YouTube Preview Image


You Never Can Tell- Chuck Berry

YouTube Preview Image


I’m A Believer- The Monkees

YouTube Preview Image


Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Michael Buble

YouTube Preview Image


Dear Future Husband- Meghan Trainor

YouTube Preview Image


Can’t Buy Me Love- Beatles

YouTube Preview Image


Bear Necessities- Disney (The Jungle Book)

YouTube Preview Image


You Can’t Hurry Love- The Supremes

YouTube Preview Image

You Can’t Stop The Beat- Hairspray

YouTube Preview Image


Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis

YouTube Preview Image


Candy Man- Christina Aguilera

YouTube Preview Image


A Motown Tribute to Nickelback- Post Modern Jukebox

YouTube Preview Image


Mo Hotta Mo Betta- The Baseballs

YouTube Preview Image


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love- Blues Brothers

YouTube Preview Image


If you liked this, be sure to check out “Top 15 Songs to Salsa To (In English)



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We clash on music taste- HELP!

Graph showing the music I like vs the music you like

You love your partner! You love their smile, their personality, and almost everything about them…but the one thing you may not love it their music taste.


It’s ok! Nobody has to agree on everything, but what do you do when he likes Nine Inch Nails and you are a more Taylor Swift fan? Well the first reaction may be to take control over the music yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it! This wedding is about both of you and it won’t be very fun if one is enjoying the tunes and the other is not. So here are some suggestions:


Split the choices down the middle

We send all our clients an online music library. That way the can pick 16 songs on the “Must Play”, 50 “Play if Possible” songs and as many “Do Not Play” list songs you wish… That means you each get 8 MP and 25 PiP each. You may not agree with the other’s choices but at least you can have equal say.


What will work for a wedding reception and what wont

Just because you like your Metal, or Triple J, or EDM does not mean you can’t have it at your wedding. The key is to determine where to play it. For example- If you like your Heavy Metal, obviously playing during the entree when Nana is trying to each her soup is not going to be appropriate. But you could play it right towards the end when everyone is in the “drunk rock out mode”. By the same token, you could play metals band’s softer songs during dinner (like Metallic- ONE, or the band Nightwish).


What YOU want to hear Vs what others will dance to

It is your wedding reception, but if your music is not very good to listen to during dinner and not very good to dance to, you may want to reconsider or give some alternatives. You will have a great time if your guests are dancing. Now if YOU are happy to dance to it, fantastic! But don’t make the DJ play it and then if nobody gets up not getup yourself! Live and die by your music choice!


You get to choose the entrance song, I get to pick the cake cutting!

If you are having trouble agreeing with some of the important songs, why not take one each?! The songs you will have to pick are:

  • Entrance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bridal Waltz (x2)
  • Leaving Songs (between 2-4)


Remember guys, it is about fairness AND compromise! You can have different tastes, but don’t take control just because you may not like what radio station your partner listens to!


If you would like Komodo Music DJs to be your referee between your music tastes, CONTACT US today


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