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Most Unique Reception Venues In Perth- Komodo Music DJs

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Most Unique Reception Venues In Perth

Perth has no shortage of beautiful venues, the problem is if you live here it is easy to take it for granted. So while Komodo Music has been to almost every venue in the Perth metro, I think it is fair to say we know some of the more ‘unique’ ones which differ from the rest.

When creating this list there were some criteria we followed:

  1. It must have something that no other venue has- For while The Pan Pacific and the Tradewinds might be very nice venues, when you get into them they are very similar so it has to have a character both on the inside and out
  2. It should be something you never thought of- If I say reception on the river you might automatically think Matilda Bay, Mulberry on Swan, or Burswood on Swan. We have tried to avoid ones like that unless they are very pretty.
  3. It needs to be able to hold at least 50+ people- There are some great really small venues like 1907 Restaurant which are more for those direct family weddings. We have tried to avoid those. We will note though if they can hold 50+ with cocktail then we might include it.
  4. It has to be able to have a dance floor and DJ- because let’s be honest, if you can’t dance, what’s the point of having a reception



Being able to have your pre dinner drinks in the aquarium is awesome and something your guests will talk about as they wander through the venue. While the reception room itself is fairly standard it is the location and the space which gives this venue a leg up


Perth Bell Tower

I can vouch for personal experience here as I got married and had the reception at the Bell Tower. It is so different and very cool to have a function here. Usually you have it on the top floor but due to the time of year we had the reception inside in the ground floor and it was amazing. You can read all about it here


Crystal Swan

Having a party on a boat is pretty cool, but having a party on a two story boat is even cooler. Being able to have the dinner upstairs, and dance floor down stairs, but have music playing in both areas is great for us DJs and saves on space for you.


Winthrop Hall

If you are looking for a space that can fit over 400 people, Winthrop has got you covered. It is air conditioned, looks stunning and has heaps of photo locations for your wedding.


Maritime Museum Fremantle

A beautiful sunset and history all around, there aren’t too many places that can claim to have a giant boat hang just behind the bridal party table.


Indiana Cottesloe

If you like vintage and beach, this is the only venue you will need. The unique room layout fits perfectly with a classic theme and you have long tables for your guests to sit at.


Little Creatures Brewery

Beer lovers be damned, this is a cool place to have a wedding. The atmosphere is very Fremantle and the food is great too.


Rottnest Island

There are a few places on Rottnest to have a reception and they are all good. Not only do you have the sunset looking out over Perth, but you usually have little furry gate crashers at your wedding


Are there any other venues in Perth that you consider unique? Have you had your wedding at one of these places and how was it? Let us know in the comments below.


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The Top Wedding Ceremony Locations In Perth

KM Blog Header- Ceremonies

The Top Wedding Ceremony Locations in Perth

If you throw a stone in any direction, chances are you would find a picturesque location to take some amazing photos for your wedding. There is no shortage of beautiful ceremony locations and Komodo Music have listed some of the best places we think are in Perth.


Kings Park

If you want forest, garden, water features or city landscape, Kings Park is one of the most beautiful places in Perth to get married. There are so many locations and each one is unique.


Willow Pond

A beautiful Japanese style of garden, this hidden treasure is small but special and if definitely worth checking out.


The Bell Tower

Overlooking the swan river, the Bell Tower has a stunning view as is a cool location for your guests to see you tie the knot. With the recently finished redevelopment of the Foreshore you should go down an get married at a part of Perth’s history.


Supreme Court Gardens

Right in the heart of the city, with a lovely garden and the old court house as a backdrop, the Supreme Court Gardens are a wonderful place to get married…just be sure no trial is planned for that day as having people go in and out of court may be a tad distracting!


Rottnest Island

There are so many places to get married on Rottnest but my favourite spot would have to be Fayes Bay. White sand, blue ocean, stunning rock faces- but the best part is you can go literally anywhere on Rottnest and find a beach like that! Well worth a boat ride over


Joondalup Resort

With the rolling hills, green golfing pastures, and beautiful gum trees Joondalup Resort has some amazing places to have your ceremony.



The Sunken Gardens is probably one of my favourite ceremony locations. It almost feels like you are stepping into a fairy clearing with beautiful will trees, little creek, and soft grass. It’s absolutely stunning.


Caversham House

By now you have probably seen Caversham House and the hidden gardens with the waterfall feature. You can either get married on the staircase or looking out towards the river. Any direction is a fantastic place to tie the knot.


Cottesloe Civic Centre

Think Caversham House setup but by the beach with wide grass areas. The architecture is lovely and there are a few spots in which to get married which will look stunning in photos.


Where do you think is the most beautiful spots in Perth to get married? Let us know in the comments below.


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3 Smartphone Apps Every Bride Needs

KM Blog Header- Apps

3 Smartphone Apps Every Bride Needs

Almost every person these days has a smartphone, and not surprisingly, we are on them constantly. If you are planning your wedding these three apps are a must have. They will not only help with the wedding preparation, but are also excellent tools which you might not have thought to use.

We just would like to confirm that we are NOT sponsored by any of these apps, we just found them and thought they are cool!



Wedpic App

Instead of getting people to tag photos they took at your wedding, why not get them to directly share them with you privately. Wedpic is great because you create an account, give everyone the passcode and then all the photos they take can be loaded into the cloud software. That way you get all the photos from the day from everyone’s different point of view.

Available on: Android and iPhone



Pintrest app

You probably have already started a Pinterest board for your wedding but if you haven’t it is well worth downloading the Pinterest App. Browsing ideas, websites and other people boards will inspire you and is more effective than seeing who said what on Facebook.

Available on: Android and iPhone


Our Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner App

Great app, looks clean and easy to customize. Only issue according the reviews and what we tried was unable to export the guest list. As such you should write down a name for reference but don’t bother filling in contact and address for them. Everything else seems really good.

Available on: Android


Do you have an app you use for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.


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Involving Children At Your Wedding

KM Blog Header- Children at weddings

Previously we have talked about how to keep kids entertained at a wedding, but suppose you want to actually involve them? Like anything the age of the child depends on how much responsibility you can give them. Also depending if you want the child “just included” or if you want to “get them involved”.


Tasks for children

These are some jobs that can make the children really feel involved during the ceremony


Ring Bearer (6 years +)

Providing you put the rings on a pillow securely, it can be quite nice to have a child walk down the aisle holding the symbols of love. Obviously because it is a task that requires a bit of concentration, usually it is recommended for older kids (6 years old +) however any age can do this in theory as long as you have a responsible adult on hand as a backup


Flower Boy/Girl (3 years +)

Boys and girls throwing flowers everywhere is very cute and possibly the easiest way to involve a child in your ceremony. If they become temperamental on the day and don’t want to do it, or instead of spreading flowers they just make a b-line to the end of the alter it won’t ruin anything (and if fact be considered adorable).


Sign holder (3 years +)

Another cute idea simular to throw flowers is having kids walk down the aisle with signs like “Here Comes The Bride” or “Last Chance To Run”, etc. Again if they miss out on nap time and decide they don’t want to do it, it won’t affect the ceremony at all.


Junior Bridesmaid/Groomsmen (8 years +)

If you have slightly older children you can include them in your actual bridal party as “Juniors”. They don’t necessarily have to have all the same responsibility as the adults in the bridal party but it means they get to feel included and all grown up. You don’t need to partner them up with anyone nor have them sit at the bridal table is you do not wish but its nice thing to have.


Including YOUR Children

The task above can be used for your children, or family members, or friend’s kids, but these ideas are specifically for your children if you want to include them in the wedding


Unity Candle (3 years +)

Depend on what you want to include in your ceremony, a Unity Candle Light can be a beautiful way to include your child. You each light a candle and then together light a central one to show how you are all included.


Sand pouring (3 years +)

Similar to a unity candle, you all put layers of different colour sand into a glass and once it is finished you have a keepsake for your home.


Have them give a poem (6 years +)

If your little one has a lot to say, why not have them give a small poem or speech at the ceremony or reception. Nothing is more beautiful than earing your child wish you and your partner love and happiness


Special Dance (3 years +)

When you and your partner has have their first dance, it might be nice to have a special dance with your little girl or boy.


Did you do any of these at your wedding? Have you seen them done at other peoples? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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