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Wedding at the State Reception Centre- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

Out of all the venues with a view, The State Reception Centre in Kings Park definitely takes the cake! With a fantastic setup, the couple Tania and Nick partied the night away with the picturesque Perth skyline behind them and DJ Elisha on the decks in front of them:-)

Click HERE to check out The State Reception Centre

Themed Weddings- Doing Them Right!- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

We have all seen those amazing (and sometimes unbelievable) themed weddings. Komodo Music has been a part of some of the best! However, like anything, if you choose to go down the route of themes, you have to be committed to it.

Nothing looks worse than a half attempted look. It confuses the guests and usually is at odds with the rest of the wedding

For example:

We all remember the show “Four Weddings” . In one of the episodes, the couple liked Lord Of The Rings, so they had Gollum come down and give it to them. The problem was, there was no other look, reference or input of this theme and it looked SO out of place that it made me cringe on the inside (watch for yourself-  Side note…I HATE THIS SHOW!)

YouTube Preview Image

On the flip side…

Below are 2 weddings which committed to the theme and immersed the wedding in it. Not only did it show off the couple’s personality, but to be “Normal” made YOU the weird one! (Click A Photo To Be Taken To Their Posts)





Weddings at the end of the day are meant to be fun and a party to celebrate. If you want to dress up in masks, armour, costumes or flowers you totally can, but just ensure you make the wedding it, not just a small part.

In for a penny, in for a pound 😉


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Music of Today, Gone Tomorrow- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

The Music of Today! You know that song on the radio at the moment, the one you are totally in love with. The one that you can’t go anywhere without hearing and singing along to…yes that one!


I got news for you, you will be sick to death of it in 3 months!


It’s not your fault, its not even the songs fault, its just the way the world works. The song will be overplayed on the radio, parodied on YouTube videos, played at clubs, parties and even weddings and by the time yours comes around, you just want to see it die!

For this reason, whenever you pick a song for anything “important” for your reception I always suggest that you wait till closer to the time.

A good example:

Remember when “Kings of Leon- Sex On Fire” came out? Of course you do! You LOVED that song at first, now the thought of it makes your skin crawl.

The same will happen for all artists Black Eyed Peas, Rihianna, Nikki Minaji, Chrisinta Perri, Carly Rae Jepson, One Direction, Pitbull, etc.

When on the dancefloor, that song out at the moment will go down like a treat, but for any song which will have special meaning on your wedding day, best to pick something that is special for you two, not just because you like it at the moment


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Wedding at UWA Sunken Gardens & City West Function Centre- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

You know a wedding day is going to be special when the groom rocks up in a “Bumblebee Transformer” limo. The Bride Jessica surprised her new husband Jordan with the limo which took him and the groomsmen to the ceremony at UWA Sunken Gardens. After it was all over, everyone headed toward City West Function Centre where DJ Iain ensure everyone got up to have a great time:)

 Click HERE to check out City West Function Centre


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