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Final Song, Archway or Circle at Your Wedding?- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

So the fun has been had, the food has been eaten, the dancing is winding up, it’s time for you and your now husband/bride to get out and enjoy your honeymoon. But you still need to say goodbye! At the end of the reception there are 3 traditional ways to get out. A Circle, and […]

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The 25 Worse SOPPY Love Songs EVER- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

There is a major difference between a love song and a soppy song.   One of the biggest uphill battles is people’s perception that if the song is about love, it is soppy. This is really not the case and there are plenty of examples which support this. That being said, there are A LOT […]

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How many songs do I need to pick for my wedding?- Komodo Music DJs, Perth

When all is said an done, a DJ will play roughly 16 songs an hour of uninterrupted music. But of course there are “formalities” and “speeches” so out of a 6 hour reception there is only about 5 hours worth of music   That means about 80 songs in total will be played at a […]

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T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
Y o u T u b e
S u b s c r i b e